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British applied mathematician who is most noted for his work researching elasticity.




  • Born: 8 Dec 1919, Glasgow, Scotland
  • 1936: Entered the University of Glasgow
  • 1940: Graduated with First Class Honours in mathematics and physics
  • 1942: Part II of the Mathematical Tripos, assigned work at Cavendish Laboratory
  • September 1943: Married Mary Campbell Macgregor
  • 1946: Returned to Glasgow as a lecturer in physics
  • 1958: Elected to Royal Society of Edinburgh
  • 1969: Awarded an OBE
  • 1983: Elected to Royal Society of London
  • Died: 4 Nov 2000 in Glasgow, Scotland


  • 1948: Wave Mechanics and its Applications (with N.F. Mott)
  • 1951: Fourier Transforms
  • 1957: Elements of partial differential equations
  • 1960: An introduction to the mathematics of medicine and biology (with J.G. Defares)
  • 1960 and on: Translation into English of A course of higher mathematics (5 volumes) by V.I. Smirnov
  • 1961: Fourier Series
  • 1966: Mixed boundary value problems in potential theory
  • 1969: Crack problems in the classical theory of elasticity (with M Lowengrub)