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Canadian computer scientist best known for his invention of the computer language APL.

Also known for the notation known as Iverson's convention.

Introduced the notation:

$\floor x$ for the floor of $x$, and
$\ceiling x$ for the ceiling of $x$.




  • Born: 17 December 1920, Camrose, Alberta, Canada
  • Died: 19 October 2004

Theorems and Definitions

Definitions of concepts named for Kenneth Eugene Iverson can be found here.


  • 1962: A Programming Language
  • 1963: Automatic Data Processing (with Frederick Brooks)
  • 1964: A formal Description of the System /360, (with A.D. Falkoff and E.H. Sussenguth)
  • 1966: Elementary Functions: An Algorithmic Treatment
  • 1968: APL\360:User's Manual (with A.D. Falkoff)
  • 1972: Algebra: An Algorithmic Treatment
  • 1972: APL in Exposition
  • 1973: The Design of APL (with A.D. Falkoff)
  • 1976: Elementary Analysis
  • 1978: The Evolution of APL (with A.D. Falkoff)
  • 1980: Notation as a Tool of Thought (1979 ACM Turing Award Lecture)
  • 1981: A Source Book In APL (with Adin D. Falkoff)
  • 1990: Tangible Math
  • 1991: A Personal View of APL
  • 1991: The ISI Dictionary of J