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Indian-American mathematician working in the field of mathematical physics.

Founder of International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences.


Indian, later American


  • Born: 30 September 1935 in India
  • 1965: Received both Masters and Doctorate degree in Pure Mathematics from University of Calcutta
  • 1967: Received Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics at University of London
  • 1983 to 2001: Professor at University of Central Florida


  • 1994: Continuum Mechanics (with D.S. Chandrasekharaiah)
  • 1994: Nonlinear Water Waves
  • 1998: Nonlinear instability, chaos and turbulence (with D.N. Riahi)
  • 2001: Wavelet Transforms and Time-Frequency Signal Analysis
  • 2003: Wavelet Transforms & Signal Processing
  • 2005: Introduction to Hilbert Spaces with Applications (with P. Mikusinski)
  • 2006: Integral Transforms and Their Applications (with D. Bhatta)
  • 2007: Linear Partial Differential Equations for Scientists and Engineers, 4th ed. (with Tyn Myint-U)
  • 2008: Sir James Lighthill And Modern Fluid Mechanics
  • 2009: The Legacy of Leonhard Euler: A Tricentennial Tribute
  • 2012: Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations for Scientists and Engineers
  • 2014: Half-Discrete Hilbert-Type Inequalities (with B. Yang)
  • 2015: Wavelet Transforms and Their Applications (with F.A. Shah)