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American mathematician who contributed to real analysis, functional analysis, and the study of boolean algebras.




  • Born: 8 April 1903, New York, USA
  • Died: 9 Jan 1989, Madras, India

Theorems and Definitions


  • 1924: An Unusual Type of Expansion Problem
  • 1926: A Comparison of the Series of Fourier and Birkhoff
  • 1926: Ordinary Linear Homogeneous Differential Equations of Order $n$ and the Related Expansion Problems
  • 1926: Developments in Legendre Polynomials
  • 1927: Developments in Hermite Polynomials
  • 1930: Linear Transformations in Hilbert Space III : Operational Methods and Group Theory
  • 1932: Linear Transformations in Hilbert Space and their Applications to Analysis
  • 1934: Boolean Algebras and their Applications to Topology
  • 1934: Subsumption of Boolean Algebras under the Theory of Rings
  • 1956: Mathematics and the Future of Science (lecture)