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American mathematician whose work concerns mathematical analysis (specifically partial differential equations and functional analysis, and their applications to mathematical physics)




  • Born: 1930


  • 1971: Principles of Functional Analysis
  • 1971: Spectra of Partial Differential Operators
  • 1977: Modern Methods in Partial Differential Equations
  • 1981: Operator Methods in Quantum Mechanics
  • 1986: Spectra of Partial Differential Operators (2nd Edition)
  • 1999: Linking Methods in Critical Point Theory
  • 2002: Principles of Functional Analysis, 2nd ed.
  • 2004: Introduction to Nonlinear Analysis
  • 2006: Critical Point Theory and its Applications, Springer (with Wenming Zou)
  • 2009: Minimax Systems and Critical Point Theory