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French mathematician who was also a secretary of the National Library of France under Louis XIV.

Noted for his correspondence with Pierre de Fermat, Blaise Pascal, Christiaan Huygens, Galileo Galilei, Marin Mersenne, Evangelista Torricelli and René Descartes.

A member of the informal Académie Parisienne.

His birth date is uncertain. The Académie des Sciences gives $1603$ but historians generally seem to prefer $1600$.




  • Born: 1603 or possibly 1600 (uncertain) in Lyon, France
  • 1632: Set up by his father as a counsellor to the parliament of Toulouse, where he met Pierre de Fermat.
  • 1636: Bought an office of counsellor in the Grand Conseil in Paris, with the aid of his father
  • February 1638: Eloped with and married Louise de Chaponay
  • 1648: Forced to sell office to pay for debts of his bankrupt father
  • September 1648: Death of Marin Mersenne
  • 1648: Obtain a post with Roger du Plessis, the Duke of Liancourt
  • 1663: Took on job of cataloguing Cardinal Mazarin's library
  • 1666: Elected to Académie des Sciences
  • Died: April 1684 in Paris, France

Also known as

The name Carcavi can also be seen spelled Carcavy.