Two Fathers and Two Sons who are Three People

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Veridical Paradox

In some given place there are $2$ fathers, each accompanied by his son.

So there are $2$ fathers and $2$ sons.

Yet there are only $3$ people.


This is a veridical paradox.

This puzzle can have a solution only if one of the fathers and one of the sons is the same person.


there is a father;
there is his son, who is also a father;
there is his son.

The $3$ people are therefore: a grandfather, a father and a son.



This problem is often seen dressed up with further details as a riddle:

Three Pheasants

A man has $3$ pheasants that he wants to give to $2$ fathers and $2$ sons, giving each of them $1$ pheasant.

How can this be done?

Two Fathers and Two Sons Leaving Town

Two fathers and two sons leave town.

This reduces the population of the town by three.