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AlenSnow is a student of Mathematics and Computer Science in UK.

He is an aspiring Bourbakist. He hates everything presented without rigour, especially in Computer Science subjects where they tend to be dumbed down in order for the Computer Science students to understand.

He is that weird guy that would rather be presented some equations, rather than some intuitive story. He believes that Math speaks more than plain text.

Suggested topics to be added in Proof-Wiki

-Machine Learning

The most mindblowing Math domains

- Group Theory (so much structure in such a seemingly simple object)

Misconceptions in Maths

1. Not every Darboux/Primitivable function is continuous.

Take $f$:

$$ f(x) = sin\paren{\frac{1}{x}}$$ for $x \ne 0$

$$ f(x) = 0$$ otherwise.

TODO: Proof

See Conway's base 13 function for a Darboux Function discontinuous everywhere

2. 0 covariance does not mean independence

3.Riemann integration seems to be bad definition for integration

4.Maths is actually making things easier to understand.