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Hotkeys for Proofwiki

After being on this site for a while, I got sick of having to type the same things over and over again, so I made a hotkey script to help me with that. If you're interested in trying it out for yourself, then here are the instructions on how to get it:

  • Download and install AutoHotkey (only for Windows).
  • Right click on your desktop (or where ever you want) and go to New > AutoHotkey Script. Click that button.
  • Name the script whatever you want (Proofwiki.ahk is as good of a name as any).
  • Right Click the script and then click Edit Script.
  • Don't worry about the first few lines of code, just copy and paste the following at the bottom:
	Send, Definition:

	Send, Template:

	Send, Axiom:

	Send, Category:

	Send, \left({{}

	Send, {}}\right)

	Send, \left\{{}{{}

	Send, {}}\right\{}}

	Send, \left[{{}

	Send, {}}\right]

	Send, \left\langle{{}

	Send, {}}\right\rangle

:*:\oper::\operatorname {{}
  • After that, save the file and then run the script by right clicking on it and then clicking Run Script.

This will do the following:

  • Pressing RCtrl+d will generate Definition:

  • Pressing RCtrl+a will generate Axiom:

  • Pressing RCtrl+c will generate Category:

  • Pressing RCtrl+t will generate Template:

  • Pressing LCtrl+LShift+( will generate \left({

  • Pressing LCtrl+LShift+) will generate }\right)

This will also work for the other brackets (), {}, [], \langle, \rangle. For the square brackets, don't hold shift or else you'll get the hotkey for the curly brackets. For the langle and rangle brackets, use the less than and greater than keys: <>.

  • Finally, typing in \oper will automatically fill out \operatorname {, since there aren't any other mathjax commands that begin with \oper.

If you run into any problems with this, let me know on my talk page.