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I am a research mathematician.

It seems to me that ProofWiki is a worthwhile project for having mathematical proofs available online.

I also see some concerns, namely that there will need to be at least loose guidelines on style, on how to provide an appropriate level of detail without making proofs unreadable, etc. I may post on these issues here at some point.

Also, the more people contribute to ProofWiki, the more we will have to deal with conflicting notations.

However, for now I am happy to simply add some proofs of my own, and perhaps try to improve other entries when I come across them. As I'm pretty busy as things are, my contributions are likely to be sporadic.


While the work of adding basic results is important, I believe it is also good to begin adding more advanced proofs, in particular of results for which proofs may not be widely available in textbooks. This will hopefully serve to attract more mathematicians to ProofWiki, who may then also begin contributing.

My goal - over the course of 2009 - is to provide proofs of a number of results regarding normal families, and in particular define the Julia and Fatou sets of holomorphic functions and prove their basic properties.

I am also currently reading some bits of Ahlfors's Conformal Invariants and may occasionally add some facts from geometric function theory that I'm thinking about.