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This morning a Pilatus PC-12 flew over my house and I waved hello energetically so as to appear to be insane. Nothing happened because it's a plane. That is all I have to say.

About 20:40 local time, another PC-12 flew over my house at about 1110 feet. I did not wave hello energetically so as to appear to be insane because it's dark out and there are many cats outside.

Who is LegendoftheGoldenAges?

It's me, and I spend some of my recreational time studying mathematics or natural sciences, and the rest leisurely activities.

I'm not big on philosophy, but my personal view on life is that idle time or purposeless time is time wasted. I try to maximize both the time I spend doing meaningful work (including meaningful studies) and leisure in the forms I choose. Anytime I find myself idle I either continue working/studying or find something with which I can rest my mind. If I can't find anything to do, I do what I've taught myself as a four-year-old: imagine myself in a random situation and start processing. I learned, much later, of course, that keeping the mind active through any means (when idle; not when attending to a task) is a way to improve mental health and prevent your brain from being deprived from stimulation (positive or negative).

>>Right now, my user page is really long, so I'll add the rest of the story in the future<<

LegendoftheGoldenAges 07:31, 3 October 2018 (UTC)

What does LegendoftheGoldenAges do on ProofWiki?

I don't know yet; I just joined. I have already contributed 2 proofs of original work.

What are my interests?

Mostly math and natural sciences, but I also like geography and some other related things.

I pretty much take interest in anything real-world. I love aviation. I love computers. I like to read about procedures in business, law, and other things.

Fun facts about myself

I'll update this list when I think of something. I don't really know what to add, since I don't know what's interesting about myself.

  • I memorized most of the roads in my city by age four (my mother showed me maps via houses on Century 21 and I took interest). I memorized most of the highways in my state by age six and the major highways in the U.S. by age seven. I memorized certain areas of interest in the U.S. by age nine (like Manhattan or random airports).
  • I like winter the most of all seasons. Where I live, the weather is hot and dry in the summer but cold and rainy in the winter. It rained a lot more when I was younger; it doesn't rain as much now. I liken more rain during childhood to more development of the mind (since why would you go outside when it's raining? Stay inside and read or play. What else does a kid do?). It doesn't get cold enough to snow here. It did once on January 26, 2008 at 5:30 AM, but just a light dusting. Did I mention that I have an eidetic memory? (That date may not be accurate but I used logic to guess based on what I remember.)
  • I have an eidetic memory. It was much more adept when I was younger. I've been beaten down by school for so long that it's taking forever to recover.
  • I memorized the periodic table of the elements in fourth grade.
  • I love planes and have always been amazed by them. I plan to make aviation a hobby in the future (not a job; I'll be a computer engineer).
  • My ideal place is a large cabin sitting on a low hill right by a road. From the cabin, you can see on a fair day the forest behind you. Ahead of yourself, you can see first the road, then a small farm, then at lower elevation and further away, the town. It is a small town of a few thousand people. At night, the suburbs are visible by their lights when people haven't yet gone to sleep. This location is about an hour and a half from the big city. What city that is I don't know. As long as it has lots of tall buildings, a huge airport, a big river, and subways. When it snows, and it does, it snows a fair amount during the winter. One day, I'm going to own that place in real life.
  • I have many weak and possibly false memories from early childhood never resolved. I aim to one day sit down with someone and logically deduce what happened if it happened. This is something that is always on my mind.
  • Inspired by "worldbuilder projects", I've begun to create my own world. See random notes section for details.
  • I think aviation is cool.
  • I have never had any pets.
  • I play video games because my older cousins did. First I ever played was New Super Mario Bros. on the DS, level 2-3. Favorite level for that.
  • My favorite beverage is tea.
  • I never got into collecting but always thought about it.
  • I'm a Windows pro but like iPhone the best.
  • I like nighttime more than the daytime.
  • In general, the music I like is 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s. There are some newer songs I like but not enough to say I like music of those decades. The exception is video game music; I like that in general anyway. I also like to listen to jazz and classical.
  • The two instruments I play are the piano and the violin.
  • I am the way I am because I despised the idea of a perfect life; I wanted the "ideal" life.
  • I have a weird set of quirks. Among them are a bunch of superstitions that are random and make no sense. For example, when the garage closes, I have to be standing on my right foot or a sufficient number of rooms away. If I don't, I have to keep stomping the ground lightly with my left foot for a few seconds.
  • I like falling asleep during a thunderstorm.
  • I really like aircraft.
  • I've traveled to 25 U.S. states (including my own) and D.C. and 7 countries other than the U.S.
  • I love doing what I love to do and have a quirk. If I'm interrupted by something reasonable/favorable, I can leave and return later. If it's something stupid (like I considered school to be), I tended to not stop.
  • I am not a vegetarian but I only eat some meats.
  • Left to my own devices, I am never bored.
  • Although I prefer to be alone when I'm interested in being alone or doing things that are done alone, I really enjoy socializing with friends.
  • I don't always know what's rude and what's not, so I sometimes come across as a bit rude. I try not to be (obviously).
  • I have the obsession of taking sarcasm and cynicism to higher levels that will ever be necessary. This usually only happens when I'm alone or with a close friend. It's gotten to the point where I spend days making fake mock-ups of different things. For example, I make Word documents of random things that seem legitimate. Pages of a contract? Done it. Spreadsheet of random? Done it. Faked a secret society? I obviously don't have one, totally...
  • I can live without access to the Internet or even computers if I had to, but given the choice I'd say keep them.
  • When someone's talking to me and I'm not occupied, I like to listen well. If it's a topic I'm very interested in, I'll probably interrupt every 5 seconds, though.
  • I don't like quiet. I feel comfortable when there is ambiance of some sort. TV in the other room (wastes energy but it must be done), planes at the airport, the neighbors doing yard work...anything that's not silence I like. I bet I could do homework at a construction site.
  • I'm a deep sleeper, but I always wanted to be a light sleeper. The first time I was a light sleeper was when a weak earthquake woke me up recently at 4:35 AM.
  • When I was in school, I didn't like the daytime because of school and didn't like the evening because of schoolwork. The best time of day was night (this is of independent reason for why I like nighttime; that has childhood background) because there was no work to ruin the day. Unfortunately, I am never awake to experience it because the time of the night that is the best is when I am asleep. Having drifted off, I am not able to experience anything.
  • Is it weird that when people used to tap their foot on their desk and it would shake mine that I didn't mind?
  • I am not a good speaker but am a really good writer (for some things, not everything; still learning).
  • I, for some reason, am obsessed with secretly knowing my friends' phone numbers and addresses (I don't stalk people but I feel like I need to know, I guess because I want to stay in contact even though that's not realistic), their basic interests, but not interested in asking them directly.
  • I like doing secret things with friends. This was a big thing in high school regarding technology.
  • I think airports are awesome.

What does LegendoftheGoldenAges mean?

A great exercise of perspective is to determine why I say approx. 1885-1985 were the "Golden Ages". No, I was not around then.

While you're at it, why is it a legend?

There's no single right answer and I have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about. LegendoftheGoldenAges 07:31, 3 October 2018 (UTC)

Random notes I want to say

sup LegendoftheGoldenAges 07:31, 3 October 2018 (UTC)

  • Worldbuilding: To briefly summarize my progress, I've come up with a general layout for the continents. It's not an alien planet; it's essentially Earth but the continents are different. Humans have the technology of the present but it's different. The day is January 31, 2005, and time is suspended for speculation. If we were to teleport there now, the day would be January 31, 2005 (time does not pass in that universe at the same time as our universe because that would be weird). I would teleport us to the country I focus on. It's like the U.S., but also like the European Union, in some ways. 118 countries on a continent similar in size to North America all are constituent countries in the large country which takes up the whole continent. When war is conducted involving one of the 118, all join in. When diplomacy is conducted (not from war) involving one of the 118, it operates independently unless it affects more or all of the 118. The military serves the entire 118, but they can be allocated to the different countries. We'll take temporary residence the constituent country on the west coast, on the north shore of a huge bay. It's essentially like having NYC on the west coast. The hills to the north are a nice place. I'll have us teleport to the country across the bay to the south, though. We'll drive there. I'm in the process of crafting a society and a language.
  • Last night I dreamed that I was flying a Learjet 60 and my friends and I were going to Boston because we wanted to build paper models of landmarks and duct tape them to the actual thing, but only after having eaten pizza at two specific restaurants, neither of which I have been to before; after that, Boston started floating into the air, so we had to relocate to Jacksonville, but no one was there, so we stole all the food from restaurants and took it to a mansion in Buckinghamshire after teleporting there using the magic command, "shazam". That is all I have to say. 09:03, 3 October 2018 (UTC)
  • I like video games. Never got to play as much as many kids since I mostly focused on learning, but video games are an important part of my leisure when I get the opportunity to play. LegendoftheGoldenAges 08:47, 3 October 2018 (UTC)