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Historical Note on $100$ (One Hundred)

The number $100$ (one hundred) was at one time sometimes referred to in England as a short hundred.

This was to distinguish it from the term long hundred for the number $120$.

Both terms are now obsolete in England, although the term great hundred for $120$ is still used in Germany and Scandinavia.

The boiling point of water is defined as being $100$ degrees Celsius.

The number $100$ is expressed in Roman numerals as $\mathrm C$.

This originates from the first letter of the Latin word centum, meaning $100$.

The archetypal "big number", to small children, is $100$. This most likely stems from the fact that their first introduction to numbers is the exercise to count to $100$. As this is where the count stops, $100$ is the biggest number they know.

Once introduced to the concept of one hundred and one, however, their level of arithmetical sophistication is soon seen to increase.