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Ahmes: Rhind Papyrus

Published $\text {c. BCE 1650}$


Contains an approximation for $\pi$ (pi) of $\paren {\dfrac {16} 9}^2$.

Also known as

The Rhind papyrus is also sometimes referred to as the Ahmes papyrus, after the scribe Ahmes whose work it was.

Some sources refer to it with its full description: Rhind mathematical papyrus.

Historical Note

The Rhind Papyrus was named after Alexander Henry Rhind, a Scottish antiquarian who obtained it in $1858$ when he was in Luxor, Egypt.

It was written in about $\text {1659}$ $\text {BCE}$ by Ahmes, who describes himself as a scribe, copying a work which was written some $2$ centuries earlier.

It arrived at the British Museum in $1863$.