Book:Alec Cairncross/Introduction to Economics/Second Edition

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Alec Cairncross: Introduction to Economics (New and Enlarged Edition)

Published $\text {1955}$, Butterworth & Co.

Subject Matter

  • Economics


Part I: Introductory
1 The Economic Problem
2 Some Preliminary Conceptions
3 The Existing Resources: The Factors or Agents of Production
4 The National Economy
Part II: The Structure of Industry
5 Specialisation: (1) Division of Labour
6 Specialisation: (2) Localisation of Industry
7 Large-Scale Production
8 Small-Scale Production
9 The Finance of Large-Scale Production
10 The Growth of Large-Scale Production
Part III: Supply and Demand
11 The Existing Order: a Preliminary Survey
12 The Price Mechanism
13 Supply and Demand
14 Demand
15 Supply: Cost and Price
16 Monopoly and Competition
17 Supply: Cost in Relation to Output
18 Supply: Cost in Relation to Time
19 Inter-relationships of Supply and Demand
20 Social Aspects of Pricing
Part IV: The Distribution of Income
21 The Distribution of Income
22 Wages
23 Interest and Profit
Part V: International Trade
24 The Theory of International Trade
Part VI: Money and Employment
25 Money
26 Changes in the Value of Money
27 The Causes of Monetary Instability
28 The Demand for Money
29 The Supply of Money: (1) Banking Operations
30 The Supply of Money: (2) The Creation of Credit
31 Money and Foreign Exchange
32 Unemployment and the Trade Cycle
Part VII The State and the Economic Order
33 The Rise and Decline of Laissez-Faire
34 The RĂ´le of the State
(1) The State and Inequality
(2) State Control of Industry
(3) The State and Employment
25 The State and Economic Planning