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Fra Luca Pacioli: De Viribus Quantitatis

Published $\text {c. 1500}$
In English:

On the Powers of Numbers

Subject matter

  • The first ever reference to card tricks known
  • Some of the earliest recorded European examples of numerical puzzles
  • Guidance on how to juggle, eat fire and make coins dance
  • Insights into the life and work of Leonardo da Vinci.


Also known as

Some sources refer to this book as just De Viribus.

Historical Note

De Viribus Quantitatis was written between $1496$ and $1508$.

It was never officially published, but sat in the archives of the University of Bologna.

It was rediscovered by David Singmaster, who brought the book to the attention of the general public.

It is not clear whether there exists a translation of it into English.

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