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George E. Andrews: Number Theory

Published $1971$, Dover Publications, Inc.

ISBN 0-486-68252-8.

Subject Matter


Part I: Multiplicativity - Divisibility
Chapter 1: Basis Representation
Chapter 2: The Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic
Chapter 3: Combinatorial and Computational Number Theory
Chapter 4: Fundamentals of Congruences
Chapter 5: Solving Congruences
Chapter 6: Arithmetic Functions
Chapter 7: Primitive Roots
Chapter 8: Prime Numbers
Part II: Quadratic Congruences
Chapter 9: Quadratic Residues
Chapter 10: Distribution of Quadratic Residues
Part III: Additivity
Chapter 11: Sums of Squares
Chapter 12: Elementary Partition Theory
Chapter 13: Partition Generating Functions
Chapter 14: Partition Identities
Part IV: Geometric Number Theory
Chapter 15: Lattice Points
Appendix A: A proof that $\displaystyle \lim_{n \mathop \to \infty} p(n)^{1/n} = 1$
Appendix B: Infinite Series and Products
Appendix C: Double Series
Appendix D: The Integral Test
Suggested Reading
Hints and Answers to Selected Exercises
Index of Symbols