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American mathematician best known for his work in number theory.

Famous for discovering Srīnivāsa Aiyangār Rāmānujan's Lost Notebook in 1976.




  • Born: 4 Dec 1938, Salem, Oregon, USA

Theorems and Definitions


  • 1961: An asymptotic expression for the number of solutions of a general class of Diophantine equations
  • 1963: A lower bound for the volume of strictly convex bodies with many boundary lattice points
  • 1963: On estimates in number theory
  • 1965: A simple proof of Jacobi's triple product identity
  • 1971: Number Theory
  • 1976: The Theory of Partitions
  • 1986: q-series: their development and application in analysis, number theory, combinatorics, physics, and computer algebra
  • 1999: Special functions (with Richard Askey and Ranjan Roy)
  • 2005: Ramanujan's Lost Notebook: Part I (with Bruce C. Berndt)
  • 2008: Ramanujan's Lost Notebook: Part II, (with Bruce C. Berndt)