Book:Horace Lamb/An Elementary Course of Infinitesimal Calculus/Third Edition

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Horace Lamb: An Elementary Course of Infinitesimal Calculus (3rd Edition)

Published $\text {1919}$, Cambridge at the University Press.

Subject Matter


Chapter I: Continuity
Chapter II: Derived Functions
Chapter III: The Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Chapter IV: Applications of the Derived Function
Chapter V: Derivatives of Higher Orders
Chapter VI: Integration
Chapter VII: Definite Integrals
Chapter VIII: Geometrical Applications
Chapter IX: Special Curves
Chapter X: Curvature
Chapter XI: Differential Equations of the First Order
Chapter XII: Differential Equations of the Second Order
Chapter XIII: Linear Equations with Constant Coefficients
Chapter XIV: Differentiation and Integration of Power-Series
Chapter XV: Taylor's Theorem
Chapter XVI: Functions of Several Independent Variables
Appendix: Numerical Tables

Further Editions