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Ian Stewart: Taming the Infinite: The Story of Mathematics from the First Numbers to Chaos Theory

Published $2008$, Quercus

ISBN 978-1-84724-768-1.


1. Tokens, Tallies and Tablets
2. The Logic of Shape
3. Notations and Numbers
4. Lure of the Unknown
5. Eternal Triangles
6. Curves and Coordinates
7. Patterns in Numbers
8. The System of the World
9. Patterns in Nature
10. Impossible Quantities
11. Firm Foundations
12. Impossible Triangles
13. The Rise of Symmetry
14. Algebra Comes of Age
15. Rubber Sheet Geometry
16. The Fourth Dimension
17. The Shape of Logic
18. How Likely is That?
19. Number Crunching
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