Book:László Lovász/Combinatorial Problems and Exercises/Second Edition

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László Lovász: Combinatorial Problems and Exercises (2nd Edition)

Published $\text {1993}$, AMS Chelsea Publishing

ISBN 0-444-81504-X

Subject Matter


Preface to the Second Edition
$\S \ 1$. Basic enumeration
$\S \ 2$. The sieve
$\S \ 3$. Permutations
$\S \ 4$. Two classical enumeration problems in graph theory
$\S \ 5$. Parity and duality
$\S \ 6$. Connectivity
$\S \ 7$. Factors of graphs
$\S \ 8$. Independent sets of points
$\S \ 9$. Chromatic number
$\S \ 10$. Extremal problems for graphs
$\S \ 11$. Spectra of graphs and random walks
$\S \ 12$. Automorphisms of graphs
$\S \ 13$. Hypergraphs
$\S \ 14$. Ramsey Theory
$\S \ 15$. Reconstruction

Dictionary of the combinatorial phrases and concepts used
Index of the abbreviations of textbooks and monographs
Subject index
Author index
Corrections to Combinatorial Problems and Exercises

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