Book:Martin Gardner/Did Adam and Eve Have Navels?: Debunking Pseudoscience

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Martin Gardner: Did Adam and Eve Have Navels?: Debunking Pseudoscience

Published $\text {2000}$, W.W. Norton

ISBN 0-393-32238-6.


Part I Evolution vs. Creationism
1. Did Adam and Eve Have Navels?
2. Phillip Johnson on Intelligent Design
Part II Astronomy
3. Near-Earth Objects: Monsters of Doom?
4. The Star of Bethlehem
Part III Physics
5. The Great Egg-Balancing Mystery
6. Zero-point Energy and Harold Puthoff
7. David Bohm: The Guided Wave
Part IV Medical Matters
8. Reflexology: To Stop a Toothache, Squeeze a Toe!
9. Urine Therapy
Part V Psychology
10. Freud's Flawed Theory of Dreams
11. Post-Freudian Dream Theory
12. Jean Houston: New Age Guru
Part VI Social Science
13. Is Cannibalism a Myth?
14. Alan Sokal's Hilarious Hoax
15. The Internet: A World Brain?
16. Carlos Castaneda and New Age Anthropology
17. Claiborne Pell, Senator from Outer Space
18. Courtney Brown's Preposterous Farsight
19. Heaven's Gate: The UFO Cult of Bo and Peep
Part VII More Fringe Science
20. Thomas Edison, Paranormalist
21. What's Going On at Temple University?
Part IX Religion
22. Isaac Newton, Alchemist and Fundamentalist
23. Farrakhan, Cabala, Baha'i, and 19
24. The Numerology of Dr. Khalifa
25. The Religious Views of Stephen Jay Gould and Darwin
26. The Wandering Jew
27. The Second Coming
Part X The Last Word
28. Science and the Unknowable