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Martin Gardner: Mathematical Puzzles and Diversions

Published $\text {1965}$, Pelican

Reprint of The Scientific American Book of Mathematical Puzzles and Diversions from $1959$.


1. Hexaflexagons
2. Magic with a Matrix
3. Nine Problems (Answers on page 34)
4. Ticktacktoe, or Noughts and Crosses
5. Probability Paradoxes
6. The Icosian Game and the Tower of Hanoi
7. Curious Topological Models
8. The Game of Hex (Answers on page 77)
9. Sam Loyd: America's Greatest Puzzlist (Answers on page 84)
10. Mathematical Card Tricks
11. Memorizing Numbers
12. Nine More Problems (Answers on page 103)
13. Polyominoes
14. Fallacies
15. Nim and Tac Tix (Answers on page 141)
16. Left or Right?
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