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Martin Gardner: Puzzles from Other Worlds

Published $\text {1984}$, Vintage Books

ISBN 0-394-72140-3.

Collection from Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine.


1. Chess by Ray and Smull
2. The Polybugs of Titan
3. Cracker's Parallel World
4. The Jinn from Hyperspoce
5. Titan's Loch Meth Monster
6. The Balls of Aleph-Null Inn
7. Scrambled Heads on Langwidere
8. Antimagic at the Number Wall
9. Parallel Pasts
10. Luke Warm at Forty Below
11. The Gongs of Ganymede
12. Tanya Hits and Misses
13. Mystery Tiles at Murray Hill
14. Crossing Numbers on Phoebe
15. SFs and Fs on Fifty-fifth Street
16. Humpty Falls Again
17. Palindromes and Primes
18. Thirty Days Hath September
19. Home Sweet Home
20. Fingers and Colors on Chromo
21. Valley of the Apes
22. Dr. Moreau's Momeaters
23. And He Built Another Crooked House
24. Piggy's Glasses and the Moon
25. Minerals on Mars
26. The Demon and the Pentagram
27. Flarp Flips a Fiver
28. Bouncing Superballs
29. Run, Robot, Run!
30. Thang, Thung, and Metagame
31. The Number of the Beast
32. The Jock Who Wanted to Be Fifty
33. Fibonacci Bamboo
34. Tethered Purple-Pebble Eaters
35. The Dybbuk and the Hexagram
36. 1984
37. The Castrati of Womensa