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R.W. Hamming: Numerical Methods for Scientists and Engineers (2nd Edition)

Published $\text {1973}$, Dover Publications, Inc.

ISBN 0-486-65241-6

Subject Matter


I Fundamentals and Algorithms
1 An Essay on Numerical Methods
2 Numbers
3 Function Evaluation
4 Real Zeros
5 Complex Zeros
*6 Zeros of Polynomials
7 Linear Equations and Matrix Inversion
*8 Random Numbers
9 The Difference Calculus
10 Roundoff
*11 The Summation Calculus
*12 Infinite Series
13 Difference Equations
II Polynomial Approximation - Classical Theory
14 Polynomial Interpolation
15 Formulas Using Function Values
16 Error Terms
17 Formulas Using Derivatives
18 Formulas Using Differences
*19 Formulas Using the Sample Points as Parameters
20 Composite Formulas
21 Indefinite Integrals - Feedback
22 Introduction to Differential Equations
23 A General Theory of Predictor-Corrector Methods
24 Special Methods of Integrating Ordinary Differential Equations
25 Least Squares: Theory
26 Orthogonal Functions
27 Least Squares: Practice
28 Chebyshev Approximation: Theory
29 Chebyshev Approximation: Practice
*30 Rational Function Approximation
III Fourier Approximation - Modern Theory
31 Fourier Series: Periodic Functions
32 Convergence of Fourier Series
33 The Fast Fourier Transform
34 The Fourier Integral: Nonperiodic Functions
35 A Second Look at Polynomial Approximation - Filters
*36 Integrals and Differential Equations
*37 Design of Digital Filters
*38 Quantization of Signals
IV Exponential Approximation
39 Sums of Exponentials
*40 The Laplace Transform
*41 Simulation and the Method of Zeros and Poles
V Miscellaneous
42 Approximations to Singularities
43 Optimization
44 Linear Independence
45 Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors of Hermitian Matrices
$N + 1$ The Art of Computing for Scientists and Engineers

  • Starred sections may be omitted.

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