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Ralph J. Smith: Circuits, Devices and Systems (3rd Edition)

Published $\text {1976}$

Subject Matter


Part $\text {I}$ Circuits
$1$. Electrical Quantities
$2$. Circuit Principles
$3$. Signal Waveforms
$4$. Natural Response
$5$. Forced Response
$6$. Complete Response
$7$. Steady-State AC Circuits
$8$. General Network Analysis
$9$. Introduction to Systems

Part $\text {II}$ Electronic Devices
$10$. Electron Tubes
$11$. Semiconductor Diodes
$12$. Diode Applications
$13$. Transistors and Integrated Circuits
$14$. Digital Devices
$15$. Logic Circuits
$16$. Amplifier Bias and Large-Signal Performance
$17$. Small-Signal Models
$18$. Small-Signal Amplifiers
$19$. Operational Amplifiers

Part $\text {III}$ Electromechanical Devices
$20$. Energy Conversion Phenomena
$21$. Magnetic Fields and Circuits
$22$. Transformers
$23$. Principles of Electromechanics
$24$. Direct-Current Machines
$25$. Alternating Current Machines
$26$. Automatic Control Systems
$27$. Instruments and Instrumentation Systems
Answers to Selected Exercises


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