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Roger B. Myerson: Game Theory: Analysis of Conflict

Published $\text {1991}$, Harvard University Press

ISBN 0-674-34116-3

Subject Matter


1 Decision-Theoretic Foundations
1.1 Game Theory, Rationality, and Intelligence
1.2 Basic Concepts of Decision Theory
1.3 Axioms
1.4 The Expected-Utility Maximization Theorem
1.5 Equivalent Representations
1.6 Bayesian Conditional-Probability Systems
1.7 Limitations of the Bayesian Model
1.8 Domination
1.9 Proofs of the Domination Theorems
2 Basic Models
3 Equilibria of Strategic-Form Games
4 Sequential Equilibria of Extensive-Form Games
5 Refinements of Equilibrium in Strategic Form
6 Games with Communication
7 Repeated Games
8 Bargaining and Cooperation in Two-Person Games
9 Coalitions in Cooperative Games
10 Cooperation under Uncertainty


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