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Ross Honsberger: Mathematical Gems

Published $\text {1973}$, Mathematical Association of America

ISBN 0-88385-301-9

Subject Matter


1. An Old Chinese Problem and Pierre de Fermat
2. Louis Pósa
3. Equilateral Triangles
4. The Orchard Problem
5. $\Delta$-Curves
6: It's Combinatorics that Counts!
7. The Kozyrev-Grinberg Theory of Hamiltonian Circuits
8. Morley's Theorem
9. A Problem in Combinatorics
10. Multiply-Perfect, Superabundant, and Practical Numbers
11. Circles, Squares, and Lattice Points
12: Recursion
13: Poulet, Super-Poulet, and Related Numbers
Solutions to Selected Exercises

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