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Chess is a game for two players.

It is played using pieces placed on a chessboard, where the players take turns to move a piece.

A piece is captured if an opposing piece moves onto the same space.

The opposing piece is attacking.

The captured piece is then removed from the board, unless it is a king.

It is forbidden to capture your own piece.

If a piece could be captured in one move by any piece, it is threatened.

A piece cannot move over another piece, unless it is a knight, or it is castling.

If a king is captured, the player who captured it wins immediately.

A king is put in check if it is threatened by any piece.

This is checkmate if the player who owns the king cannot prevent the king from being captured using one move.

The only other way to win is if a player indicates that he resigns, traditionally by knocking over his own king.

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