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Standard prefixes for the SI units of measure
Multiples Name deka- hecto- kilo- mega- giga- tera- peta- exa- zetta- yotta- ronna- quetta-
Symbol $\mathrm{da}$ $\mathrm h$ $\mathrm k$ $\mathrm M$ $\mathrm G$ $\mathrm T$ $\mathrm P$ $\mathrm E$ $\mathrm Z$ $\mathrm Y$ $\mathrm R$ $\mathrm Q$
Factor $10^1$ $10^2$ $10^3$ $10^6$ $10^9$ $10^{12}$ $10^{15}$ $10^{18}$ $10^{21}$ $10^{24}$ $10^{27}$ $10^{30}$
Subdivisions Name deci- centi- milli- micro- nano- pico- femto- atto- zepto- yocto- ronto- quecto-
Symbol $\mathrm d$ $\mathrm c$ $\mathrm m$ $\mu$ $\mathrm n$ $\mathrm p$ $\mathrm f$ $\mathrm a$ $\mathrm z$ $\mathrm y$ $\mathrm r$ $\mathrm q$
Factor $10^{-1}$ $10^{-2}$ $10^{-3}$ $10^{-6}$ $10^{-9}$ $10^{-12}$ $10^{-15}$ $10^{-18}$ $10^{-21}$ $10^{-24}$ $10^{-27}$ $10^{-30}$

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