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This category contains results about Reduced Residue Systems.
Definitions specific to this category can be found in Definitions/Reduced Residue Systems.

The reduced residue system modulo $m$, denoted $\Z'_m$, is the set of all residue classes of $k$ (modulo $m$) which are prime to $m$:

$\Z'_m = \set {\eqclass k m \in \Z_m: k \perp m}$

Thus $\Z'_m$ is the set of all coprime residue classes modulo $m$:

$\Z'_m = \set {\eqclass {a_1} m, \eqclass {a_2} m, \ldots, \eqclass {a_{\map \phi m} } m}$


$\forall k: a_k \perp m$
$\map \phi m$ denotes the Euler phi function of $m$.