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Source Work

1981: Murray R. Spiegel: Theory and Problems of Complex Variables (SI ed.)

Chapter $1$: Complex Numbers
Supplementary Problems: Polar Form of Complex Numbers: $85$


An airplane travels $150 \, \mathrm {km}$ southeast, $100 \, \mathrm {km}$ due west, $225 \, \mathrm {km}$ $30 \degrees$ north of east, and then $323 \, \mathrm {km}$ northeast. Determine ... how far and in what direction it is from its starting point.
Ans. $\ 375 \, \mathrm {km}$, $23 \degrees$ north of east (approx.)


The correct solution is:

$490$ kilometres in a direction $28.7 \degrees$ north of east from its starting point.