Existence of Positive Root of Positive Real Number/Positive Exponent

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Let $x \in \R$ be a real number such that $x > 0$.

Let $n \in \Z$ be an integer such that $n > 0$.

Then there exists a $y \in \R: y \ge 0$ such that $y^n = x$.


Let $f$ be the real function defined on the unbounded closed interval $\left[{0 \,.\,.\, \to}\right)$ defined by $f \left({y}\right) = y^n$.

Consider first the case of $n > 0$.

By Strictly Positive Integer Power Function is Unbounded Above:

$\exists q \in \R_{>0}: f \paren q \ge x$

Since $x \ge 0$:

$f \paren 0 \le x$

By the Intermediate Value Theorem:

$\exists y \in \R: 0 \le y \le q, f \paren y = x$

Hence the result has been shown to hold for $n > 0$.