Experiment/Examples/Tossing 2 Coins

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Example of Experiment

Let $\EE$ be the experiment of tossing $2$ coins.

The sample space of $\EE$ is:

$\Omega = \set {\tuple {\mathrm H, \mathrm H}, \tuple {\mathrm H, \T}, \tuple {\T, \mathrm H}, \tuple {\T, \T} }$

where $\mathrm H$ denotes heads and $\T$ denotes tails.

Suppose we are interested only in whether the coins fall alike ($\mathrm A$) or different ($\mathrm D$).

Then the sample space of $\EE$ is: $\Sigma = \set {\forall \omega \in \Omega: \omega > 4}$.

$\Omega = \set {\mathrm A, \mathrm D}$