Finite Weight Space has Basis equal to Image of Mapping of Intersections

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Let $T = \struct {X, \tau}$ be a topological space with finite weight.

Then there exist a basis $\BB$ of $T$ and a mapping $f:X \to \tau$ such that:

$\BB = \Img f$ and
$\forall x \in X: \paren {x \in \map f x \land \forall U \in \tau: x \in U \implies \map f x \subseteq U}$

where $\Img f$ denotes the image of $f$.


By definition of weight there exists a basis $\BB$ such that:

$\card \BB = \map w T$


$\map w T$ denotes the weight of $T$
$\card \BB$ denotes the cardinality of $\BB$.

By assumption that weight is finite:

$\card \BB$ is finite

Then by Cardinality of Set is Finite iff Set is Finite:

$\BB$ is finite

Define a mapping $f: X \to \powerset X$:

$(1): \quad \forall x \in X: \map f x = \bigcap \set {U \in \BB: x \in U}$

By definition of subset:

$\forall x \in X: \set {U \in \BB: x \in U} \subseteq \BB$

By Subset of Finite Set is Finite:

$\forall x \in X: \set {U \in \BB: x \in U}$ is finite

Then by General Intersection Property of Topological Space:

$\forall x \in X: \bigcap \set {U \in \BB: x \in U} \in \tau$


$f: X \to \tau$

We will prove that:

$(2): \quad \forall x \in X: \paren {x \in \map f x \land \forall U \in \tau: x \in U \implies \map f x \subseteq U}$

Let $x \in X$.

By $(1)$:

$\map f x = \bigcap \set {U \in \BB: x \in U}$

Thus by definition of intersection:

$x \in \map f x$

Let $U$ be an open set of $T$.

Let $x \in U$.

By definition of basis:

$\exists V \in \BB: x \in V \subseteq U$


$V \in \set {U \in \BB: x \in U}$

Hence by Intersection is Subset:

$\map f x \subseteq V$

Thus by Subset Relation is Transitive:

$\map f x \subseteq U$

This ends the proof of $(2)$.

We will prove that $\Img f$ is a basis of $T$.

By $f: X \to \tau$ and definition of image:

$\Img f \subseteq \tau$

Let $U$ be an open set of $T$.

Let $x$ be a point $x \in X$ such that:

$x \in U$

By $(2)$:

$\map f x \in \Img f \land x \in \map f x \subseteq U$

By definition of basis this ends the proof of basis.

Thus the result.