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You undid my corrections

"I read such-and-such a proof and didn't like it much. I had a better one, so I removed the existing rubbish proof and put my better one in place. I went back next day to admire my work but found it had gone, and the old proof was back in place."

Whether or not you like a particular proof or not is of zero relevance. The fact is: it's a proof, and (at least believed by its author) it's valid. What we do on this site is allow multiple proofs for any given theorem. So, rather than replace the existing proof with your own proof, add your new proof as an additional proof to the one that is already up there.
There are quite a few pages up now which do have more than one proof. An excellent example of this is found at Real Numbers are Uncountable. What we do is put each separate proof into its own subpage which is then transcluded into the main page.
Basically, deleting stuff is rude. If you have objections about something on a particular page, then feel free to raise it as a topic on the associated talk page. It is possible the person posting it up may just have made a mistake. --prime mover (talk) 07:46, 20 December 2012 (UTC)