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There are a number of templates implemented on $\mathsf{Pr} \infty \mathsf{fWiki}$.

Templates provide a convenient way of entering repetitive information into a page, and are related to transclusion.

Templates can be used by adding {{<template name>}} onto the page where it is needed.

List of Templates

Structural Templates

Structural templates are used to propagate a uniform look-and-feel throughout $\mathsf{Pr} \infty \mathsf{fWiki}$.

The following is a list of such templates with their uses. More information is available by following the links.

Mathematical Content

Other constructs

  • {{Disambiguation}} is used to make disambiguation pages of terms having multiple definitions.
  • {{About}} is used at the top of a page to indicate that it is part of a disambiguation.
  • {{Texcode}} to show LaTeX commands

Referencing templates

See Help:Sources

Informative Templates

Informative templates are used to provide information to fellow editors in a structured way.

The following is a list of such templates with their uses.

More information can be found by following the links.

General Cleanup Tasks

Unfinished Work

  • {{Stub}} is used on pages that have been started, but which are little more than basic placeholder pages.
  • {{WIP}} to indicate that a page is Work In Progress.
  • {{Inuse}} to indicate that a page is being edited for a prolonged period.
  • {{Finish}} for unfinished proofs
  • {{Expand}} for pages which need further content.
  • {{ExpandList}} for pages containing lists that need to be added to.

Wanted Content

Renaming and Restructuring

  • {{Rename}} is used to propose renaming a page.
  • {{Mergeto}} is used to propose a merger of two or more pages or sections.
  • {{Duplicate}} is like {{Mergeto}}, but when you aren't sure if the other page exists.
  • {{Refactor}} is used to indicate that a page or section is up for restructuring.
  • {{ExtractTheorem}}

Report a Problem

  • {{Questionable}} for likely mathematical errors
  • {{Handwaving}} for handwavery and absence of formalism
  • {{CircularStructure}} to indicate a problem due to interdependence, often requiring a major refactoring task
  • {{Improve}} for poorly structured or overly convoluted arguments.

Review Requests

  • {{Help}} when expert knowledge is needed
  • {{Proofread}} is used on pages that need to be proofread for mathematical/grammatical errors.
  • {{AxiomReview}}
  • {{SourceReview}} when page content has been refactored, and the links in the Sources section may no longer provide an accurate and coherent flow

Requests for Explanation

  • {{Explain}} is used on pages that need a specific idea/topic clarified, or where more details need to be added.
  • {{Disambiguate}}

Use of Templates on Help Pages

Be careful with the use of templates on help pages. If it is a template that adds a category, then the help page will also be added to that category, which is usually not what you want.

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