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British clergyman, mathematician, geometer and astronomer.

Best remembered for his contributions toward land surveying: Gunter's chain, the Gunter's quadrant and the Gunter's scale.

Credited with the first ever publication, in $1620$, of logarithms of trigonometric functions.

Invented the terms cosine and cotangent.


English, of Welsh descent


  • Born: 1581 in Hertfordshire, England
  • Died: 10 December 1626 in London, England



  • 1603: New Projection of the Sphere
  • 1620: Canon Triangulorum sive Tabulae Sinuum et Tangentium Artificialum ("Canon of Triangles: or Tables of Artificial Sines and Tangents")
  • 1623: Description and Use of the Sector, the Crosse-staffe and other Instruments
  • 1624: The Description and Use of His Majesties Dials in Whitehall Garden