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American mathematician who worked on metric and differential geometry, calculus of variations and statistics.




  • Born: 20 November 1917 in Detroit, Michigan, USA
  • Died: 1 November 1971 in New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Theorems and Definitions

Results named for Leonard Jimmie Savage can be found here.

Definitions of concepts named for Leonard Jimmie Savage can be found here.


  • 1941: The Application of Vectorial Methods to the Study of Distance Spaces
  • 1943: On the Crossing of Extremals at Focal Points
  • 1948: The Utility Analysis of Choices Involving Risk (with Milton Friedman)
  • 1949: Application of the Radon-Nikodym Theorem to the Theory of Sufficient Statistics (with Paul Halmos)
  • 1953: Three Short Papers on Game Theory that involve Chance and the Skill of the Players (Econometrica Vol. 21: pp. 97 – 117), translations of:
    • 1953: Émile BorelThe Theory of Play and Integral Equations with Skew Symmetric Kernels (Econometrica Vol. 21: pp. 97 – 100)
    • 1953: Émile BorelOn Games that Involve Chance and the Skill of the Players (Econometrica Vol. 21: pp. 101 – 115)
    • 1953: Émile BorelOn Systems of Linear Forms of Skew Symmetric Determinant and the General Theory of Play (Econometrica Vol. 21: pp. 116 – 117)
  • 1965: How to gamble if you must: Inequalities for Stochastic Processes (with Lester Dubin)
  • 1970: On rereading R A Fisher

Also known as

Originally given the name Leonard Ogashevitz, but because of his mother's illness was given the name Jimmie by a nurse at the hospital. Consequently adopted the name.

His father changed his surname from Ogashevitz to Savage in $1920$. Leonard Ogashevitz adopted the name Leonard Jimmie Savage when involved in classified war-work.