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Nicolas Bourbaki is the name given to a group of (mainly) French mathematicians whose aim was to present an account of the entirety of modern mathematics, with an emphasis on rigour and generality.

The term Bourbakism is a disparaging term for a supposed modern tendency to define intuitively simple concepts in terms of ever more abstruse and abstract concepts until the obvious becomes incomprehensible.

At least one of the contributors to this website would consider it a delightful compliment if they were to be described as Bourbakist.


French (mainly).


  • Established: 1935

Theorems and Definitions

Results named for Nicolas Bourbaki can be found here.

Definitions of concepts named for Nicolas Bourbaki can be found here.


  • The Éléments de mathématique (Elements of Mathematics) series, which contains the following volumes:
    • I: Théorie des Ensembles (Theory of Sets)
    • II: Algèbre
    • III: Topologie Générale (General Topology)
    • IV: Fonctions d'Une Variable Réelle (Functions of One Real Variable)
    • V: Espaces Vectoriels Topologiques (Topological Vector Spaces)
    • VI: Intégration (Integration)
    • VII: Algèbre Commutative (Commutative Algebra)
    • VIII: Groupes et Algèbres de Lie (Lie Groups)
    • IX: Théories spectrales (Spectral theory)

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