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German mathematician best known for his research in the calculus of variations, particularly influenced by Karl Weierstrass's $1879$ lectures on the subject.




  • Born: 12 May 1857 in Bad Bergzabern, Palatinate (now Germany)
  • Died: 5 July 1942 in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany


  • 1886: Über die Reduction hyperelliptischer Integrale erster Ordnung und erster Gattung auf elliptische, insbesondere über die Reduction durch eine Transformation vierten Grades
  • 1900: The elliptic $s$-functions considered as a special case of the hyperelliptic $s$-functions
  • 1901: New proof of a theorem of Osgood's in the calculus of variations
  • 1902: Proof of the sufficiency of Jacobi's condition for a permanent sign of the second variation in the so-called isoperimetric problems
  • 1904: Lectures on the Calculus of Variations
  • 1906: Weierstrass' theorem and Kneser's theorem on transversals for the most general case of an extremum of a simple definite integral
  • 1907: Existence proof for a field of extremals tangent to a given curve