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Russian mathematician who made considerable contributions in the fields of set theory and topology.

The first to introduce the concept of a kernel of a homomorphism.

Not to be confused with Aleksandr Danilovich Aleksandrov.


Soviet Russian


  • Born: 7 May 1896, Bogorodsk (also called Noginsk), Russia
  • Died: 16 Nov 1982, Moscow, USSR

Theorems and Definitions

Definitions of concepts named for Pavel Sergeyevich Alexandrov can be found here.


  • 1924: Sur les ensembles de la première classe et les espaces abstraits (C.R. Acad. Sci. Vol. 178: p. 185)
  • 1947: General duality theorems for non-closed sets of $n$-dimensional space (Mat. Sbornik Vol. 21 (63): pp. 161 – 231)
  • 1960: Some results in the theory of topological spaces, obtained within the last twenty-five years (Russian Math. Surveys Vol. 15: pp. 23 – 83)

Also known as

In Russian: Па́вел Серге́евич Алекса́ндров.

Алекса́ндров is frequently transliterated as Alexandroff, particularly in the names of some of the objects and results attributed to him.

The variant Aleksandrov can also be seen.