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Greek astronomer and mathematician best known for writing Sphaerics, a book on spherical geometry.

According to Vitruvius, he is supposed to have invented a sundial which would work anywhere in the world.

Sometimes confused with various other writers called Theodosius. On this basis, often erroneously believed to have been born in Tripolis.




  • Born: c. 160 BCE, Bithynia, Anatolia (now Turkey)
  • Died: c. 100 BCE


  • Sphaerics (possibly inspired or influenced by a lost work by Eudoxus of Cnidus)
  • On Habitations (discussing astronomical matters from the point of view of various different latitudes)
  • On Days and Nights (on the apparent motion of the Sun)

Possibly also wrote a commentary on The Method by Archimedes, but as this information comes from the same unreliable source (mentioned above) that confuses this Theodosius with others, this is uncertain.

Critical View

It is evident that Theodosius was simply a laborious compiler, and that there was practically nothing original in his work.
-- T.L. Heath
To which one might feel justified in replying that Heath must have believed he had found a kindred spirit.