Prime Divides Power

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Let $p$ be a prime number.

Let $a, n \in \Z$ be integers.

Then $p$ divides $a^n$ if and only if $p^n$ divides $a^n$.


Sufficient Condition

Let $p^n \divides a^n$.

We have $p \divides p^n$ as $p^n = p \paren {p^{n - 1} }$.

From the fact that Divisor Relation is Transitive, we have that $p \divides a^n$.


Necessary Condition

Let $p \divides a^n$.

Using Euclid's Lemma for Prime Divisors with $a_1 = a_2 = \cdots = a_n = a$ we have that:

$p \divides a^n \implies p \divides a$

Hence $a = p r$ for some $r \in \Z$.

Raising both sides of this equation to the power $n$ we get that:

$a^n = p^n r^n$


$p^n \divides a^n$