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Computer Science Jokes

Natural Numbers

Q: "Why do computer scientists have nine fingers?"
A: "Zero, one, two, three, four; five, six, seven, eight, nine."

Computer Prayer

Our Program which art in Memory,
"Hello World!" be Thy Name.
Thy Operating System come, Thy Commands be done,
at the Printer as it is on the Screen.
Give us this day our Data Dump,
and forgive us our I/O Errors
as we backup those whose Files are faulty.
Lead us not into frustration, and deliver us from email
for Thine is the Algorithm, the Application, and the Solution,
looping forever and ever.

Computer Encoding

Link to a ROT26 encoder:

Computer Programming

There are only two really difficult things in computer programming: cache invalidation, naming things, and off-by-one errors.

Law of Small Numbers

Everything is fast for small values of $n$.