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This page is about the subsections of pages titled Also see (example: Definition:Mapping#Also see).

The current instructions on how to write this are here: Help:Page_Editing#Also_see.

This page is not intended to contain prescriptive statements.

The general observations here may be converted into prescriptive conventions in the relevant help section.

General Structure

It is almost always a bullet point list of this format:

== Also see ==

* [[Check This Out 1]], optional comment 1.
* [[Check This Out 2]], optional comment 2.
* Etc.

Non-arcane exceptions have been found:

In the cases where a bullet point list is used, there are occasional breaks in the list:

It is believed to be (like the page naming character case choice convention) part of the collectively coinciding editor base member's tastes.

Some general observations of the ordering of the links: