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Anonymous: Chiu Chang Suann Jing

Published $\text {c. $100$}$
In English:

Nine Chapters of Arithmetic,or The Nine Chapters on the Mathematical Art

Subject Matter

The oldest surviving Chinese text on mathematics.


Also known as

The name Chiu Chang Suann Jing can be variously transliterated, for example:

Jiuzhang Suanshu
Jiuzhang Suanjing

Some sources refer to it as just Chiu Chang.

It is translated variously as:

Nine Chapters of Arithmetic
Nine Chapters on the Mathematical Art

and so on.

Hence it is often popularly referred to as (the) Nine Chapters.

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Historical Note

Chiu Chang Suann Jing was written by several generations of Chinese scholars dating from the $10$th century BCE through to the $2$nd or $3$rd century CE.