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Antonio J. Durán: The Poetry of Numbers: The role of beauty in mathematics

Published $\text {2017}$, National Geographic

ISBN 978-84-473-8933-9

National Geographic "Our Mathematical World" series: $27$



Chapter 1. Where is the Beauty in Mathematics?
Chapter 2. Why is it Difficult to Appreciate the Beauty of Mathematics?
Chapter 3. The Abstract and the Emotional: Mathematics and the Human Condition
Chapter 4. Objective: The Beauty of Mathematical Reasoning
Chapter 5. History and Beauty


Notable Quotes

Cantor visited Britain for the first time in September $1911$, having been invited to the celebrations of the $500$th anniversary of St Andrews University in Scotland.
-- Read by Prime.mover a mere $2$ days after acquiring a first edition of University of Saint Andrews Five Hundredth Anniversary Memorial Volume. Coincidence or what?