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C.A. Coulson: Electricity (5th Edition)

Published $\text {1958}$, Oliver and Boyd.

Subject Matter


Preface to Second and Later Editions
Chapter $\text{I}$ Preliminary Survey
Chapter $\text{II}$ Electrostatics
Chapter $\text{III}$ Conductors, Dipoles and Condensers
Chapter $\text{IV}$ Dielectrics
Chapter $\text{V}$ Steady Currents
Chapter $\text{VI}$ Magnetic Effects of Currents
Chapter $\text{VII}$ Steady Currents in Magnetic Material
Chapter $\text{VIII}$ Permanent Magnetism
Chapter $\text{IX}$ Potential Problems
Chapter $\text{X}$ Special Methods
Chapter $\text{XI}$ Induction
Chapter $\text{XII}$ Alternating-Current Theory
Chapter $\text{XIII}$ Maxwell's Equations
Chapter $\text{XIV}$ Units and Dimensions

Further Editions