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Henry Ernest Dudeney: Puzzles and Curious Problems

Published $\text {1932}$, Thomas Nelson and Sons Ltd.


NOTE (Alice Dudeney)
PREFACE (Alice Dudeney)
Arithmetical and Algebraical Problems --
Money Puzzles
Age and Kinship Puzzles
Clock Puzzles
Locomotion and Speed Puzzles
Digital Puzzles
Various Arithmetical and Algebraical Puzzles
Geometrical Problems --
Dissection Puzzles
Patchwork Puzzles
Various Geometrical Puzzles
Moving Counter Problems
Unicursal and Route Problems
Combination and Group Problems
Magic Square, Measuring, Weighing, and Packing Problems
Crossing River Problems, and Problems Concerning Games, and Puzzle Games
Unclassified Problems


Critical View

Not as much care has been taken over selecting the contents of this volume as necessary.

There is more than one instance of a problem appearing twice, although in a slightly different form.

Categorisation is haphazard.

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Source work progress

  • Complete except for some solutions.
Still to be completed: