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K. Weltner and W.J. Weber: Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists

Published $\text {1976}$, Stanley Thornes

ISBN 0-85950-120-5 (translated by J. Grosjean and P. Schuster)


1. Functions
2. Exponential, Logarithmic and Hyperbolic Functions
3. Vector Algebra I: Scalars and Vectors
4. Vector Algebra II: Scalar and Vector Products
5. Differential Calculus
6. Integral Calculus
7. Applications of Integration
8. Taylor Series and Power Series
9. Complex Numbers
10. Differential Equations
11. Laplace Transforms
12. Functions of Several Variables; Partial Differentiation; and Total Differentiation
13. Multiple Integrals; Coordinate Systems
14. Transformation of Coordinates; Matrices
15. Sets of Linear Equations; Determinants
16: Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors of Real Matrices
17: Numerical Methods
18: Fourier Series; Harmonic Analysis
19: Probability Calculus
20: Probability Distributions
21: Theory of Errors


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